Tongariro Whitewater - The best half day rafting adventure in New Zealand

50+ rapids, 2.5 hours on the river, professional, fun Kiwi river guides, local Maori myths and legends told, hidden waterfall jump, water so clean you can drink it, native bush, volcanic gorge, on river hot chocolate and chocolate, clean and dry river apparel, post trip hot showers, beer and river dog (hot dog) - all these elements combine to produce our most popular adventure and New Zealand’s best half day rafting excursion.

By: Rafting New Zealand 

Location: Southern lake Taupo, NZ. 
Distance: 14km
Grade: 3 plus
Time on River: 2 - 4 hours.
Flows: 16 cumecs - 60 cumecs = class 3 plus, 61 cumecs - 100 cumecs = class 4, 101 cumecs and rising = flood boating - DO NOT SWIM!
Put in: Below Poutu Dam (located off Kaimanawa Road - SH1)
Take Out: End of the Blue Pool Road (Turn Off SH1)

The Tongariro Whitewater section begins below the Poutu Dam which is located off Kaimanawa Road (find Kaimanawa Road by heading south for 15mins along SH1 from Turangi), fun boulder garden rapids (class three) that mostly finish colliding into the walls of the river. The scenery is superb, native bush combines with a deep volcanic walled gorge, super clean clear water is supplied courtesy of the Kaimanawa Mountains which flank the rivers right side. Dropping nearly 200 vertical metres over 14 kilometres creates 50+ rapids.

If you are a first time rafter and/or a kayaker looking to cut their teeth on grade three whitewater - the Tongariro is your perfect adventure


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