Rafting Tree Trunk Gorge

The Access 14 or Tree Trunk Gorge rafting trip is the hardest of the three rafted sections of the Tongariro River, with steep grade four rapids coming at you fast and furious.

Natural flow days

You are on the river for about 1 and 1/4 hours with the native bush spilling out onto the river margins in many spots.

The rapid names, like Mother-in-law's Nightmare (The Bitch), Oppat's Ordeal, General Disaster and Kirkham's Mistake, speak of the common disasters that used to occur regularly on this run through the 80’s by kayakers and rafters alike. 

This is one trip that you do not want to miss out on as it only flows three days each year with the support of Genesis Energy.

Check out Tongariro River Rafting's video of this spectacular river trip. 

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