Great Lake Taupo - Buses to & from Taupo, Turangi & Tongariro

You’ve got to get to us somehow and the bus is a nice easy choice. Look up Intercity or NakedBus for crazily cheap fares in and out of Taupo town.

They can connect you with all of the cities around Taupo as well. Or if you're after a more social experience jump on one of the backpacker buses and travel with some fun, like-minded people, there are plenty of options.

Explore Lake Taupo on a bus

Kiwi Experience is one of the biggest operators in New Zealand. They’ve won multiple awards and they love to party. With a hop-on hop-off style pass you can decide how long to stay in each place (so it’s perfect if you’re wanting to extend your Taupo adventures). Then, just get picked up by another bus when you decide to leave, easy. 

Stray is another bus with hop-on hop-off passes, the difference here is that they pride themselves on heading ‘off the beaten track’. They’ll take you to a few hidden gems that you definitely would not have seen otherwise, making for some of the best scenic tours New Zealand has to offer. 

If you want to stay with one group for your entire trip, Contiki and Topdeck both offer some incredible New Zealand scenic tours and will sort everything out for you so you can sit back and enjoy the epic scenery. 

Prefer a smaller group and a bit more of a personal experience? There are heaps of smaller tour companies who will bring you to the Great Lake Taupo region and provide awesome advice and a great vibe on the way here. Check out Haka Tours or Flying Kiwi

Once you’ve arrived, Taupo’s local bus service, the Taupo Connector, can take you pretty much anywhere you need to go within town.


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