Rock'n Ropes

Feel the Fear - Do it Anyway - Overcome your fear & get your adrenalin pumping at Rock'n Ropes, Taupo's awesome award winning activity.

Just outside Taupo on State Highway 1, you'll find Rock'n Ropes, one of New Zealand's top adventure activities and the ideal teambuiling activities for your corporate group.

Corporate Courses Include:

Low Ropes Course
This comprises of seven activities conducted half a metre above the ground.  While also being fun and enjoyable, the Low Ropes Course is used to enhance communication skills, cooperation, trust, support and camaraderie, all important components of a successful team.

Learning to Belay
For those clients who wish to incorporate the High Ropes Course into their programmes, an important component is participants being responsible for the safety of their peers.  This is called Belaying.  Belaying is very simple to learn and extremely safe to operate while enhancing the important components of trust and support.

High Ropes Course
These activities range from the relatively easy to the most challenging.  Physical ability and fitness are not vital constituents of the High Ropes Course, which caters for all abilities.  More important is the willingness to give it a go.

Hesitant participants (those with a genuine fear of heights) can be slowly worked up to the height.  This installs confidence and trust and enables participants to far exceed their own personal goals.

Certain participants may only complete one activity, others the whole course, this is irrelevant, as long as everyone feels they have achieved something special for themselves.



Physical Address: Karetoto Road
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