Hukafalls Jet

The perfect wake-up call before the afternoon shift at any conference or meeting! Hukafalls Jet will refresh your conference delegates and then send them back enthused and ready for the next session.

Their 30 minutes of extreme fun and excitement offers the most varied jet boat experience in New Zealand. Their highly trained and very entertaining drivers will take your delegates on a spectacular ride along one of the most beautiful stretches of river in the region, providing their unique commentary and personality. Hukafalls Jet is the only jet boat operation to visit Huka Falls.

One of the highlights of the trip is the Huka Jet 360 spins which will blow them away. Their custom built boats can be buzzing cliffs and shooting through tunnels of trees at 80km/h and then with a deft flick of the wheel they go into a spin, turning on their own length.

Additional Information:

Hukafalls Jet operates 4 boats, which allows them to entertain around 100 people an hour.

The Bubbles on the Beach: package is a great afternoon option which sees the delegates served champagne by a Tuxedo-clad waiter in the water.

Fresh Water Frenzy is a perfect lunchtime or afternoon option, combining a Hukafalls Jet ride with a unique dining experience at the Huka Prawn Park, next door.

Hukafalls Jet is 3 minutes from Wairakei Resort and 10 minutes from Taupo.

Give it a Whirl! with Hukafalls Jet.

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