Great Lake Taupo Kayaking

The Great Lake Taupo region has its fair share of stunning rivers and streams perfect for exploring by kayak. Float along the Tongariro or Waikato Rivers or the famous trout laden Tokanuu Stream in Turangi.

Kayak tours are a great way to experience Lake Taupo. Get in a kayak with a mate and make your way across Lake Taupo around Rangitira Point to the impressive ten metre high Maori Rock Carvings at Mine Bay, which is only accessible by water.

You will have plenty of time to view the Maori Rock Carvings up close and personal, take loads of photos, have a swim and learn about the history of the Maori Rock Carvings, how they were carved and their cultural significance to Taupo. This is one of the most popular activity for visitors to Taupo so make sure you contact one of the many kayak providers in town. Most of them will provide you coffee and tea and interesting commentary. 

Another popular kayak trip in Taupo is along the mightly Waikato RIver, one of Taupo's best kept secrets. Perfect for families or for those looking for a leisure cruise, this trip allows you to take in the sheer beauty and tranquillity of the crystal clear Waikato River.

Begin your river journey just minutes from the centre of town, and finish at Reid's Farm just 900 metres from the inspiring Huka Falls. Along the way you will pass various islands and swimming spots, drift by the drop zone of Taupo Bungy, and hopefully see some jumpers! Stop by Otumuheke Steam in Spa Park for a soak in the free natural hot pools before finishing 4km downstream. A perfect day!

  • Rapid Sensations Waikato Kayak Cruise

    Enjoy the tranquility of the Waikato River with a guided Kayak Cruise!This scenic trip takes you through a pumice gorge with clear, slow moving waters.

    • Price $48 - $48
    • Location Taupo
    • Activity Kayaking – Fresh Water
  • Rafting New Zealand - Tongariro Kayak Blast

    Ever wanted to give white water kayaking ago? this trip is a blast from start to finish - learn the skills, maneuver your craft, crash and surf the waves, while enjoying the pristine Tongariro River.

    • Price $139 - $139
    • Location Turangi
    • Activity Kayaking – Fresh Water
  • Kayaking Kiwi - Kayak to the Maori Rock Carvings

    These Maori Rock Carvings are only accessible from the water. Sea Kayaking allows you to get up close to the carvings with plenty of time to study their details, learn their history & how they were carved, learn about their cultural significance ...

    • Price $98 - $98
    • Location Wairakei
    • Activity Kayaking – Fresh Water
  • Kayak Wai Maori

    Lake and Stream Kayaking: The spring fed Tokaanu Stream provides a self guided trip out into the Southern Lake Taupo.

    • Price $35 - $65
    • Location Tokaanu
    • Activity Kayaking – Fresh Water Turangi Family Activities Turangi Water Activities
  • Taupo Kayaking Adventures

    TKA specialise in kayaking, mountain biking, walking trips around NZ’s largest freshwater lake, & local rivers. Take an adventure where you will experience the beauty that Taupo has to offer. Finish with a soak in a natural thermal hot pool.

    • Price $90 - $400
    • Location Taupo
    • Activity Kayaking – Fresh Water
  • KAYAK Hire - LAKeFUN Taupo

    Kayak Hire on Lake Taupo. Great way to explore the Lake at your own time. Kayak to the World famous Maori Rock Carvings.

    • Price $20 - $10000
    • Location Taupo
    • Activity Kayaking – Fresh Water
  • Kayak to the Maori Rock Carvings with Canoe and Kayak Taupo

    Explore Lake Taupo's beautiful coastline and the impressive Maori Rock Carvings in mine Bay on this 4 hour fully guided kayaking tour. The tour is only $95 per person and and includes free photos and refreshments. A memorable trip for all abilities.

    • Price $95 - $95
    • Location Taupo
    • Activity Kayaking – Fresh Water Maori Rock Carvings
  • 2 Mile Bay Sailing & Watersports Centre

    Great location right over the lake with a licensed cafe on site. In fact the cafe sits over the water itself.

    • Location Taupo
    • Activity Boat Cruises Kayaking – Fresh Water Water Sports Water skiing & wakeboarding