Walks & Hikes within the Tongariro National Park

There are many walks in Tongariro National Park, ranging in length from a few hours to four or five days. There will be a walk suitable for most park visitors in and around this National Park. 

Stunning timelapse footage taken around the Tongariro National Park. Proudly made by a local. 

Supplementary information, current weather forecasts, up-to-date track conditions, snow stability estimates (in winter) and volcanic alert status are available from local i-SITE and Department of Conservation visitor centres. Also check daylight hours, which are much reduced in winter.

Most of the shorter Tongariro walks are on well-surfaced tracks and are suitable for most visitors. Many of the longer tracks follow poled routes only. Some, such as the Mt. Ruapehu Crater climb, are completely unmarked and require special care and navigation.

Before setting out on your trip, remember to inform a reliable person of your intentions, and check in with them on or after your return. If you are overdue they should contact the police. 

Download a brochure about walks in and around Tongariro National Park, or pick one up at the Taupo or Turangi i-Site. 

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