Lake Taupo Fishing Licences

Trout fishing is an activity the whole family can enjoy. Whether fishing independently or with fly fishing guides, you must have a fishing licence and carry it with you when fishing for trout in the Great Lake Taupo region.

A fishing licence permits you to fish according to the current regulations for the region. The regional regulations define where, when and how you can fish specific waters. They also specify the maximum number of fish you can take and the minimum size of fish you can take home.

A Fish & Game licence covers all fly fishing in New Zealand except the Great Lake Taupo fishing area (and an additional back-country licence is required for a few specified rivers). The Great Lake Taupo fishing district requires a separate licence to fish, as this fishery has always been managed by a government agency as part of the original access agreement with local Maori.

The Great Lake Taupo district is Lake Taupo and the tributaries flowing into Lake Taupo, including:

  • Waikato River to Huka Falls
  • Lake Kuratau
  • Lake Rotoaira (an access permit is also required for this privately owned lake)
  • Moawhango
  • Otamangakau

Fishing Licences

A full year Lake Taupo fishing licence is valid from 1 July and expires at the end of June. You can choose to purchase an adult or a child fishing licence that allows you to fish in Lake Taupo for 24 hours, one week or a full year (subject to the regulations).

You can buy your licence online from the Department of Conservation website. Fishing licences can also be purchased from the Taupo and Turangi Visitor Information Centres and selected current licence agents. Head online to for further details.

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