Tongariro River White Water Rafting

White water rafting in the Taupo region, especially on the Tongariro River, is available year round. With trips suitable for children as young as three years old, everyone can experience the thrill of this Taupo adventure! This region has some of the most diverse white water rafting in the North Island.

Home of New Zealand’s Best White Water Rafting Adventures

When you combine the natural elements of superb white water rapids with a pristine environment boasting crystal clear drinkable water and lush native bush, you really do have a world-class setting. Include the fact that Great Lake Taupo is home to New Zealand’s most awarded white water rafting operators and you begin to see why Great Lake Taupo is recognised as the home of New Zealand’s best white water adventures.

Most of Taupo’s white water rafting is done on the Tongariro River, situated at the southern end of Lake Taupo. The Tongariro River is the largest river feeding the lake. It produces three sections of world-class white water from Grade 2 to Grade 4.

Here is more information about the various Taupo white water rafting trips available:

What should you bring? What is expected on a trip? What should you wear?

We’ve compiled some FAQs and hot tips to make your white water rafting experience in Great Lake Taupo a memorable one. 

  • Rapid Sensations White Water Rafting

    The Tongariro is known as the perfect river for your finest rafting experience. However, even the experienced rafter will find this trip legendary!

    • Location Taupo
    • Activity Rafting Turangi Rainy Days
  • Rafting New Zealand

    The Wairoa River provides the most action packed grade 5 rafting in the country - with rapids such as the "Roller Coaster", "Devils Elbow" and "Mothers Nightmare" - to name but a few.This Is NZ's Best Grade Five White Water Action!

    • Price $125 - $125
    • Location Turangi
    • Activity Rafting

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