Taupo Town Centre

The Taupo town centre is one of those extraordinary places that you’ll visit and wish you lived in. In fact, many of our permanent residents had exactly that thought when they first visited Taupo, so they chose to make it their home. Moving from all corners of the globe and from within New Zealand, these people have joined longer-standing residents to form a diverse and caring community who embrace the quintessential kiwi lifestyle. Relaxed living, beautiful surroundings and positive people are what it’s all about.

These qualities also make Taupo the perfect holiday destination or weekend getaway location. Taupo is known for its adrenaline activities like bungy jumpingsky diving and jet boating, but equally for its fishingboatingwalking and natural attractions such as geothermal hot pools, waterfalls, forests and volcanoes. All of this can be done within relatively close proximity to the Taupo town centre, making it the ideal base for your holiday. Taupo also boasts free wifi in several locations, making it easier for visitors and locals to stay connected. To learn more about Taupo's adrenaline activites or natural attractions simply stop by the Taupo iSite.

Like many locals, if you have a passion for the outdoors you’ll find it hard to leave. Taupo is full of outdoor gurus, with many working as guides to show you around the incredible playground they enjoy all year round. If you venture into the mountains, out on the trails or on the lake you will no doubt meet some of them out there doing their thing - mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, alpine climbing, hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, wakeboarding, stand up paddle boarding…the list goes on!

Taupo Harbour and Town Centre

With so many attractions for visitors, Taupo town has developed into a resort town offering the perfect balance of excitement and relaxation. Not only is the town a great base for outdoor enthusiasts, but it is also a popular urban getaway with plenty of top-notch cafes to discover, making it easy to justify a relaxing day of café hopping in town. Taupo town centre’s boutique shopping is right up there with that of the big cities, there is a thriving nightlife, a busy events calendar and a huge range of accommodation options to suit every budget. There is even a theatre named Centre Stage in Taupo's town centre.

Beautiful scenery, a relaxed lifestyle and all the services you need – the Taupo district is big enough that there is always something new happening, yet small enough to be full of friendly and like-minded people who are living the dream.

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