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Getting to Turangi & Tongariro

 Taupo Getting There

As the unofficial trout fishing headquarters of New Zealand, Turangi sits on the banks of the Tongariro River, famous near and far for its rainbow trout. Turangi is in the centre of the North Island on Highway 1, half way between Auckland and Wellington.

It’s also just 40 minutes from the Whakapapa ski area on Mount Ruapehu and about five minutes from Tokaanu’s hot pools.

By Air

Regular flights connect Auckland and Wellington with Taupo Airport, the nearest domestic airport to Turangi. The  road from Taupo to Turangi follows the edge of the lake, making it a very scenic journey of about 40 minutes.

By Road

The drive from Auckland to Turangi takes about 4.5 hours and 4 hours if you’re coming from Wellington. Self-drives by car hire are very popular. Intercity and Naked Bus goes to Turangi as well.

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