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Thunder on the Great Lake

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Following its introduction in the early 1960’s, Offshore Powerboat Racing has developed into one of New-Zealand’s most well-established water sports. With the site and sound of this impressive looking fleet thundering across the water at 180km/h never failing to steal the limelight, it really is the ultimate “motorsport on water”.


The NZ Offshore Championship currently consists of an eight race series held throughout the North Island from January until May. Venues for 2008 include Taupo, Gulf Harbour, Maraetai, Wellington, Tauranga, Napier, Whitianga and Auckland City, all of which offer exciting and challenging courses and have been known to draw crowds in excess of 15,000 people!


The race itself it split into two fields, with those competing in the Superboat, Superboat Lite and Sports 100 classes competing for the 100 mile title while those in the Sports 60, Sports Classic and Formula Honda Classes competing in the 60 mile event.


The 100 mile boats are specially designed raceboats up to 11 metres in length, fitted with advanced safety features, up to 1200 horsepower and capable of speeds up to 190 Km/h out on the water. Those competing in the 60 mile event are more typical of your normal ski and trailer boat and often double as the family ski and pleasure boat during non-race weekends!

The event is also extremely accessible to the public.  The drivers and crews spend race day morning preparing the boats and are happy to answer any questions spectators may have. Laps are run close to the shore for added spectator appeal and the best part about it? IT'S FREE! So have a look at when we are next coming to your town and make sure you come along and see for yourself, it really is an event not to be missed.

Dates: 27 Jan 2013
Location: Lake Taupo
Venue: Lake Taupo
Category: Sports & Outdoors
Cost: FREE
Contact: Kelly Smith
Contact Email:
Contact Mobile: 027 535 7027

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