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New Zealand Maori Creations

Contact: Delani Brown
Tel: 07 3771091 or 0272547299

E kore e hekeheke he kakano Rangatira!
Our ancestors will never die for they live on in each of us!
The focus of Maori Creations business activity is centred on the ancient art of ‘Whakairo’ through the production of unique traditional and contemporary Maori carvings.

Inherent in ‘Te toi whakairo’ the art of Maori carving, are the strong and ever present links to nature, the environment and elements from the land we call Aotearoa.
Equally implicit in the Maori culture is a natural warmth and ability to bring people from different walks of life, cultures and faiths together, in a common bond of peace and friendship.

From this history and background, Maori Creations Ltd is proud to provide a range of unique and exciting encounters for VIP and Corporate clients with a passion for, interactive experiences with Maori and their culture. Eg:

Te Powhiri - Personalised Maori Welcome Ceremonies.
Tangata Whenua - Traditional Haka, Poi and Musical Instruments.
Te Makurangi – The Spiritual Maori Waka/Canoe.
Tumatauenga – Traditional Maori Weapons.
We provide traditional team building activities, personalised demonstrations/ performances and interactive experiences.
‘Welcome To Our World’

Traveller Review – Ahipara Luxury Travel
Our clients have been enriched by their time with Delani, have often shed a tear as he touched a part of them, and all remember him with warmth and respect. Delani is a person of great integrity, spirituality, gentleness and caring. He has our highest respect.

Jean-Michel Jefferson. Director, Ahipara Luxury Travel

Ahipara Luxury Travel specialises in connecting international travellers to New Zealand. They have been recognised as ‘World Class’ by Forbes Robb Report, being the only Australasian company to feature in their ‘Top 10’.
Maori Creations provides meaningful Maori experiences to clients from Ahipara Luxury Travel.
“We select who we work with and are privileged to work with New Zealand’s finest”.

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Contact: Delanie Brown

New Zealand
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