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Taupo the Hub of Endurance Sports Events

You’re in the last 3k’s of the event. Your lungs are burning, your legs are aching and your mind needs to focus. You glance up and catch sight of the incredible mountain panorama across the waters of Lake Taupo. You are drawn in by the vista before you, it takes your mind away from the pain and before you know it you’ve powered your way to the finish line.

This could be you, participating in the Contact Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge , the Kelloggs Nutri-Grain New Zealand Ironman or any one of the multitude of endurance sports events that have emerged in Taupo. Let’s face it, there are endurance sports events, and then there are endurance sports events held in the beautiful Lake Taupo region. Any athlete, amateur or pro, will agree that there’s something special and exceptionally motivating about competing in such a pristine environment.

 Ironman Taupo
Ironman participants braving the waters

Let’s start with the water. Clean, clear and fresh. There’s nothing in Lake Taupo for swimmers to contend with. You can see right to the bottom most of the time and the scariest thing you’re likely to encounter is a rainbow trout gliding through the water. If your event involves cycling or running, you’ll find the roads and footpaths well maintained. And then there’s the clean, fresh sub-alpine air you’ll be breathing in. At 360m above sea level, Lake Taupo is at an ideal altitude for endurance sport. It’s not so high that oxygen intake is affected, but it’s high enough that the air is crisp and clean and the humidity is low.

If you’re not a participant but love to watch endurance sports events, you’ll find that Taupo is one of the best locations around for event spectators. Many of the endurance sports events finish right in town and different stages of these events can be viewed from the lakefront and environs. Taupo’s towncentre is perfectly set up to cater for spectators with magnificent views, coffee, food, playgrounds and toilets all within walking distance of event courses and finish lines. 

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