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Tongariro Crossing Articles

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Many have conquered the great Tongariro Alpine Crossing and loved it so much that they have written about it.

Read about their experience.

Tongariro Alpine Crossing Tongariro Alpine Crossing in pictures

The magnificient scenery of the Tongariro Alpine Cossing trek showcased in images by Andrea & John of Inspiring Travellers... read more



Silent for decades, Tongariro shows it can still kick ash

Only hours after Judy Bailey completed the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, the volcano awoke from its century-long slumber, suddenly flinging boulders and ash into the night sky... read more



Marcus Lush attempts the Tongariro Crossing

He was late to the party but Marcus Lush explains why he is now a confirmed convert of one of New Zealand’s great walks, the Tongariro Crossing... read more



Conquering Mordor Tongariro Crossing

By Jeremy Gadd - Exploring the barren wastelands of Mordor and climbing the ominous Mt Doom is part and parcel of one of the best one-day walks in the world. If you are a big fan of the Lord of the Rings movies like myself, you will understand my excitement and awe-struck wonder as I hiked through the rocky barren wastelands of Mordor with the ever-present evil shadow of Mt Doom looming over me.... read more


Lotte’s Tongariro Crossing Experience

By Lotte on 6 Dec, 2011 - Before I came to New Zealand and was in the Netherlands, friends of mine that previously traveled to New Zealand gave me their ‘must do’ tip: The Tongariro Crossing, a 7 to 8 hour hike in the Tongariro National Park. I wasn’t sure if the crossing would be on my New Zealand ‘must do’ list because I do not consider myself an athletic person... read more


Photo Essay: Tongariro Crossing, conquering Mt Doom

by Neil on Aug 22, 2011 • 11:04 amCall me sad, but I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan. I’ve read the books, watched the films and occasionally dress as a wizard … actually that last ones a lie, but I imagine being a wizard to be quite cool. Whilst on the Kiwi Experience...  read more


Tongariro National Park: A mountainous escape

By Diana Clement Oct 23, 2010 - Help! I want to escape civilisation. It's something that working mothers of young children everywhere will understand. So I teamed up with a fellow conspirator, Kay Haynes, and together we donned backpacks and left civilisation to tackle the best tramping tracks in the Tongariro National Park... read more


The Tongariro Crossing

By Bill Houghton - In retrospect, it seems entirely unnecessary for the astronauts to go through such a rigorous selection and training process just to walk on the moon. We did it with only a little physical fitness training: The Tongariro Crossing. We were in New Zealand to get started on a long-planned and arranged Colorado Mountain Club outing. It was a life-long dream to someday visit this exotic, far away land... read more


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