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10 Great Bike Rides Great Lake Taupo

Great Lake Trails, Waikato River Trails, Craters of the Moon and more


 Mountain Biking Map Taupo
Download the 10 Great Rides Great Lake Taupo mountain biking map

There's nothing better than to get on your bike and feel the cool breeze as you ride through some of New Zealand's great biking trails.

The Great Lake Taupo region offers some of the best mountain biking trails in New Zealand. The free draining soil conditions here make the over 200km of Great Lake Taupo mountain biking trails a year-round destination. 

Here are 10 Great Rides we suggest you experience. The track numbers correspond with the downloadable map on your right. 

  1. Craters of the Moon

  2. Great Lake Trail

  3. Waikato River Trails

  4. The Timber Trail

  5. 42nd Traverse

  6. Tree Trunk Gorge

  7. Tongariro River Trail

  8. Te Iringa

  9. Rotary Ride - Aratiatia / Huka Falls Trail

  10. The Great Lake Walkway / Lion's Walk


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