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Blogger: Ape Zeegman

15,000 feet up

Skydiving over Lake Taupo
Skydiving over Lake Taupo

I sat between the legs of my instructor next to the glass door, so I had a kings view on Lake Taupo and the surrounding forests.  I felt great, couldn't get the grin of my face at the prospect of what I was about to do, jump out of a plane, 15.000 feet up in the sky. Sick! 

The moment is drawing nearer and nearer. We're piercing through the clouds, turning towards to lakes. I get an oxygen mask from my instructor.  Behind me I hear "Doors open", and the wall on my right slides back. My cameraman heads for the exit and swings himself outside to make room for me and Thumb strapped to my back. I stand on the ridge mounted on the outside of the aircraft and Thumb yells in my ear to tilt my head back over his shoulder. I do as he says, then feel him edging forward. Wait a second. Aren't you supposed to tell me what to do? Where to keep my feet, how to shape my body during the fall? None of that. Out of the plane, and fast!  We did it. 

The first second is utter terror. Part of your mind knows everything is going to be alright, the other part is paralysed with fear. I think "I don't like this at all", but then the adrenaline kicks in. It rushes through my body, from my head to my toes, from my pinky finger to my arse. I'm falling but it doesn't feel like it. I can see the whole world from up here, I'm king. It's awesome. Sweet as. Super. Choice. Primo. Wicked. On top. Incomparable to anything I've ever felt in my whole life.

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  • Q. Can I do whitewater kayaking anywhere?

    Yes, on the Tongariro River its a Grade 2 and heaps of fun.  You may even see endangered Blue Ducks along the way.  Try Tongariro River Rafting.

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