Kereopa Family Video Series

Episode 8 : Holidays with Family & Friends 


Raglan-based international surfer Daniel Kereopa and his family (partner Renee, 10 yr old daughter Nia and 12 yr old son Cabe), came back to the Great Lake Taupo region and this time they brought fellow surfers and family friends John Armstrong, Penelope Strictland and their daughter Malaika, with them.

The families spent their weekend sampling local produce at Taupo’s weekly Saturday Riverside Market, enjoyed the various fun-filled activities at the Big Rock Family Fun Park, caught some prawns at Huka Prawn Park, took a spin in Hukafalls Jet and topped it off with an adrenaline rush at Taupo Bungy and Cliffhanger. Both families will be back again to experience the many family-friendly activities available in the Great Lake Taupo region, as this weekend was only the tip of the iceberg.


Episode 7 : Winter Ski Holidays


Want to know how a coastal family fare on the snow? Raglan-based family, the Kereopas, left their beach life to try skiing and snowboarding for the first time. Staying in Turangi, they headed up to Whakapapa Ski Field, Mount Ruapehu, for their first ski and snowboard lessons which they totally aced. Unfortunately the weather was not very good at the mountains the next day so they went up to Taupo to play some mini-golf.


Episode 6 : Pre-Ski Winter Holidays


Last month DK and Renee came to Taupo for a couples' retreat. This month they returned for a pre-ski season weekend away with the family and checked out a few of the 'thermal attractions' in and around Great Lake Taupo. They visited the Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland where they checked out several geothermal attractions such as the Champagne Pools and the Artist's Palette area, as well as taking a look at some mud pools and watching the eruption of the Lady Knox Geyser.

The next day they were privy to a glass blowing demonstration at Lava Glass by Lynden Over, before enjoying lunch in the café and a stroll around the whimsical and vibrant Lave Glass Sculpture Garden. Their trip was topped off with a visit to the Wairakei Terraces Thermal Pools. Next month... they hit the slopes!


Episode 5 : Romantic Getaways


Some of you may recall our summer video series featuring Daniel Kereopa (legendary surf champ and stand-up paddleboarder) and his family. Well... good news -- they're back this winter!

This month DK and Renee escaped form the kids for a weekend and came for a nice couple's retreat. Whilst here they enjoyed a scenic flight in Taupo's Floatplane, heli-biking with HELiPRO and Top Gear Cycles, wining and dining at Dixie Browns and Millennium Hotel and Resort Manuels and a romantic outing to watch the release of the Aratiatia Rapids.


Episode 4 : Things To Do In Mangakino


World famous surfer Daniel Kereopa and his family enjoyed their first few visits to Great Lake Taupo, so they just had to come back for more. This time, the adrenalin-loving family enjoyed the beautiful district of Mangakino where they did some mountain biking along The Timber Trail, a sport of wake boarding and lots of R&R. Check out what they got up to during this visit to "Nature's Ultimate Playground".

Episode 3 : Things To Do In Taupo


World famous surfer Daniel Kereopa and his family enjoyed their first few visits to Great Lake Taupo so much they've been coming back for more.

This time, the adrenalin-loving family jumped out of a plane, had high-speed encounters with rock faces in a jet boat, parasailed, wake-boarded and still had time for lots of relaxing moments at the spa and quality family R&R. Check out what they got up to during this visit to "Nature's ultimate playground".


Episode 2 : Things To Do In Turangi


World famous surfer Daniel Kereopa and his family are getting into the swing of their #GreatLakeSummer holiday. The Raglan-based international surfer and his whanau are sampling everything that's great about holidaying here. 
Follow their journey as they discover the wonderful activities the Turangi Tongariro region has to offer - rafting, mountain biking, fly fishing, indoor rock climbing and more in what we like to call "Nature's Ultimate Playground"


Pilot Series : The Kereopa Family


What happens when world famous surfer Daniel Kereopa swaps coastal life for the fresh water of Great Lake Taupo? Follow Raglan-based international surfer Daniel Kereopa and his family on their first-ever holiday to a non-salt water destination.

Watch them as they journey through the Great Lake Taupo region creating memories (paddle boarding, mountain biking, fishing, jet boating, sky diving) in what we like to call Nature's Ultimate Playground. What are you waiting for? Meet DK and his whanau...


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