Artsy Fartsy Experience in Great Lake Taupo

If arts and culture is what lures you to Great Lake Taupo in New Zealand, consider yourself well placed. This region offers everything from quality art galleries, urban street art, futuristic and modern sculptures, cultural art exhibitions and coffee at artsy cafes.

Great Lake Taupo is proud to be home to New Zealand’s premiere street art festival, Graffiato. This festival sees a plethora of weird and wonderful, bright and bold and unique murals and street art dotted around Taupo; on the sides of buildings or on the pavement, you never know where they will pop up.

Whether a casual stroll through art galleries or the Taupo Museum is your cup of tea or you time your visit with one of the many arts and culture events on offer in the region, one thing is for certain, you will certainly get your art fix in this haven for New Zealand's arts and cultural delights.

Trail Map

Check out amazing street art pieces on this Graffiato trail map

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