List your Great Lake Taupo Event

Do you have an upcoming event happening around Taupo, Turangi Tongariro or Mangakino? Listing an event on our site is free.

All you have to do is list your event on Eventfinda

event finder

When listing on Event Finder, these are the things you need to take note when listing.
  • Select Waikato for region, Lake Taupo for Suburb and then select town
  • We've noticed that a lot of event listings had no images which does not look enticing. Please load AT LEAST ONE IMAGE in the main image field as well as the event listing field (more images, the better)

Once your event listing has been approved by the Event Finder team, it will then be pulled to our site. Please give it a max of 24 hours for the feed to update.

If you still don't see it on our site 24 hours after your event has been approved by Event Finder, please contact the Digital Executive at